What is Prom Vapor?

Prom Vapor is a disposable vaping device filled with 2ml of juice.

At what age I am allowed to buy Prom Vape?

According to law you are allowed to buy and use Prom vape at least at the age of 21.

How many puffs can I have from a single Prom disposable device?

As compared to a normal pack of cigarettes you can have more than double the puffs from a single vape device depending on the duration of your puff.

In how many flavors is the Prom Vapor available?

We offer our users more than 10 unique blend of flavors.

What do I do in case of leakage of my Prom device?

Though it is not a common issue with the vape device, but we want you to just wipe it dry and keep smoking and keep the device at room temperature as over exposure to sunlight and heat may result in leakage of the device.

How do I know my Prom Vape is fully consumed?

When you are unable to breath into the vape device, when you inhale a light blinks in the device and when you cannot see the light anymore it indicates that the vape device is empty.

Is it a rechargeable device?

No, it is a disposable device.

Is vaping better than smoking?

Yes, according to experts vaping is a better option when compared to smoking as there is a bad smell of tobacco and remains when you smoke. Vaping helps you consume less nicotine as compared to smoking. Most of the vaping devices do not have tobacco.

What payment methods do you accept?

The Promvapor disposable device is available with most of the vape chains and you can also buy it from Prom vapor website.

Is Prom Vapor present on social media?

Yes, Promvapor has its social media handles on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

From where can I buy Prom Vapor disposable vape device?

We accept payment with all major credit cards.


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