About us

In the digital era of today when a 2 cm memory card can hold in itself GBs of data, Prom Vapor has come up with a number of unique ideas in smoking and now a 3-4 inches device can hold as much as 20 cigarettes. Yes, the new vape pen that Prom vapor has launched is sleek in design and contains the e-juice that is enough for 400 puffs, almost the same as 20 cigarettes, and can even get fixed in the small sized extra pockets in your jeans. The vape pen comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy all it clients with unique tastes.

The main goal of Promvapor is to help the smokers of legal age switch form the combustible cigarettes to the e-cigarettes without having any withdrawal symptoms. The direct use of combustible traditional cigarettes are found to cause cancer and Prom Vapor has entered the market with its sleek and smart vape pens that help a chain smoker get rid of their tobacco filled cigarettes. Prom Vapor would be pleased to help out all the smokers who have been making efforts to switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Customer satisfaction is the reward that we want for all contribution to helping people smoke safe.


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